Social Activity

Your Committee has decided it is about time that we all get together for a social event.  So taking the bull by the horns we have booked the Wade Hotel for lunch on the 18th August 2012.  Arrival time 11.30am and lunch will be at 12.00pm.  Partners are most welcome.

Please leave a comment at the end of this blog advising if you and/or your partner are going to attend and if you have any special requirements.   Names are required by 11th August 2012.

This is an opportunity to meet other Patrollers in a social atmosphere rather than in the dead of night – which is our usual meeting place.

For the Wade Menu click Here

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5 Responses to Social Activity

  1. Frank Rands says:

    Frank and Laurie and Rands will attend.

  2. Margaret says:

    Margaret and Kelvin Stevens will attend

  3. Julia Wharton says:

    Julia will attend

  4. Margaret says:

    Robin & Diana Bruce will attend

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