Adjusted crime data for Waitemata lowest in 17 years

The annual crime data for the financial year ending 30 June 2012 has been released by the Waitematä Police District.

Population adjusted recorded offences in the District dropped 3.8% in the financial year 2011-12. The total crime for the District per head of population is the lowest recorded for the past seventeen years.

Recorded crime for the District has dropped 2.3% in the past financial year. The total of 35,334 offences is down by more than 800 from that recorded in period July 2011 to June 2012.

Waitematä District Commander Superintendent Bill Searle says the 3.8% drop in the populated recorded crime rate is pleasing and continues a downward trend in recent years.

“Overall the results are positive in the areas of property, vehicle crime and also in violence offences. Intelligence led tasking and coordination has been influential in reducing the rate in this category.

“The positive results are a credit to all staff in the District and to our partners and communities who have worked with Police to achieve them.”

“The Prevention First Police operating strategy, has introduced a variety of initiatives whereby police are adopting enhanced technology and intelligence to target property crime.” This is having an impact”.

“The District recorded six homicides in the past financial year. Robbery, extortion and related offences are down 20.6% on the previous financial year. The placement and use of resources being highly visible and in the right place at the right time has resulted in public place violence again falling.”

“Unlawful entry with intent/ Burglary break and enter offences are down 11.5%. Project Pearl (An Auckland wide project focusing on property offending) has been a significant influence in achieving the reductions recorded in this crime category.”

“Waitematä Police, Council and other partner agencies will continue to take a collaborative and proactive approach to crime prevention. The need to address and combat the key drivers of crime that include alcohol, youth offending, drugs, family violence and road policing is a continuing focus for all of us.”

“The District’s population continues to expand. It is estimated that the number of people who are now living in Waitematä District exceeds 548,000” Superintendent Searle said.

Please view the full news release online at:

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