Hi Everyone,

We are starting to deliver “The Store” catalogues from tomorrow Monday, 7 Jan and hope to have them all delivered this coming week.

If anyone else is available to help that would be great. We need 2 to deliver and 1 person to drive each time.

Could you email Margaret or phone on 426 7169.

Funding is hard to come by so this will help boast our money we can put towards another vehicle, as we need to get another vehicle by April this year.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Catalogues all delivered a Big Thankyou to the Patrollers and partners who helped with this.
    We are going to deliver one more lot of catalogues this week mornings and evenings, so anyone else who can help please contact me. The funds will go towards the purchase of a newer vehicle for our Patrol.

  2. Roland says:

    Hi Guys
    We have over the last 6+ months been looking at ways to replace the two ageing utility vehicles that have served the Hibiscus community patrol since the conception of the original Orewa community patrol. This has not been an easy task due to fundraising issues and sponsorship issues, and our need to find the right type of vehicle that would not only suit the type of job we do but also the need to find the right type of vehicle to suit the many different types of drivers that any organization like ours needs to show consideration for.
    Not only do we need the help and support from our people to make our dream of a new vehicle come true but we also need your input to help us make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right vehicle, so we invite you to help the committee with your ideas.
    But most of all at the moment we need you to continue your efforts in helping us raising the finances required to get what we want. I would like to thank those who have made a significant effort and encourage the on going support from our people.
    Please feel free to contact a member of the committee with any thoughts you may have on the vehicle and of other ways of funding the patrol to make this happen. Your support is appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Roland S
    Chairman, Hibiscus Community Patrol

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