Fellow Patrollers,   We are going to take this opportunity to enter the HBC Patrol into the Orewa New World Santa Parade 2013, which will be held on Saturday 23rd November. The parade will assemble in Edward Avenue at 10am, but Patrollers will not be required until 11.30am.  The Parade will actually commence at 12.30pm.

Our intention is to have the patrol vehicle in the parade with patrollers kitted out in our shirts and hats walking either behind or alongside.  This is a fun event and any ideas will be considered to ensure we stand out in the crowd.  We will take the opportunity to hand out CPNZ Brochure to any likely future patroller we may see in the crowd.  This is a chance to again put the  HBC patrol to the fore.  Please leave a comment to this blog if you are available to parade.

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1 Response to SANTA PARADE

  1. Cam says:

    Count me in too. Great opportunity for the community to see their patrol.

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