Donate Now

The community patrol functions solely on donations from members of the community in order to continue its work.

We have a significant amount of running costs that include petrol, phone, vehicle maintenance, registration and insurance.

We also want to ensure we have well trained and equipped patrols assisting our police and community and therefore we spend additional money on First Aid training, national training seminars, radios, First Aid equipment, fire extinguishers etc…

If you would like to help us continue the work we do, please download the direct debit sheet below.

What your donation can help with:

  • $25/month = $300/year = 2 months of online/mobile support.
  • $40/month = $480 = Petrol for a month.

(All donations include a tax deductible receipt which sees you getting half back)

If you would like to inquire about sponsorship, (contributions greater than $1000/year or offer of services) please contact us as you may be eligible to have your business advertised on the patrol vehicle and on our website. Please see our current sponsors on the sponsors page.

Click HERE for Direct Debit Form

Shortly accepting online donations.