Monthly statistics are now being kept by the HBC Community Patrol and will be updated on a regular basis.  Click HERE to view nationwide statistics for all patrols.

Definitions of Statistics are as follows:

Vehicle Related Incidents –  Recovered stolen vehicles, Drink or Driving offences, Vehicle accidents, Wanted or suspicious vehicles and Insecure vehicles

Property Related Incidents – Burglary in progress or historic, Insecure premises, Alarms sounding and Suspicious persons/activity around property

People Related Incidents – Missing persons and Youth interviews

Damage to Property – Graffiti/Tagging, Damage to buildings/signs, Damage to personal property and Damage to vehicles

Disorder – Fighting, Intimidating/threatening behaviour, Drunk / disorderly conduct, Domestic dispute and Depositing dangerous litter

Special Service or Assist – Civil emergency, Marine / water related, Observations / Cordons, Assist Emergency Services (Fire/Ambulance/Police), Provide Transport, Police Staff/Victims/Witnesses

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