What We Do

  • We are out patrolling during the weekends and weekdays both during the day and night.  Our hope with your support is that we can increase our patrolling to ensure we have a safer community.
  • We work in collaboration with the police to reduce crime (Eyes and ears for the police), which includes but is not limited to: monitoring of possible drunk driving, theft, vandalism, public nuisance/disturbance.
  • We work in collaboration with Civil Defence.
  • We run Safer Plates initiative which aims to reduce the theft of license plates, later used to commit crime.
  • We address graffiti by contacting the Auckland Council Contractor directly, in order for them to promptly remove it and restore the building to its original and presentable state.
  • We report any street lighting concerns, illegal dumping of rubbish, traffic and road signage issues, burst water/gas mains and dumped vehicles.